Getting the Most from Networking Events


1. Set a Goal or Desired Result

  • Why am I going to this event?
  • How many people am I going to introduce myself to?
  • How many good leads am I going to generate? (do not leave until you do)

2. Dress appropriately to create an image that reflects well on your business

3. Carry MANY business cards in an easily accessible place (blazer/pants pocket)

4. Place your nametag below your right collar bone (up high) - when you shake hands, the other person is looking at your nametag and face.


1. Arrive early and stay late – don’t shortchange the reason you’re there

2. Make an effort to meet people by introducing yourself to others

3. Talk to one person at a time.

4. Always be willing to give more than you receive.

5. Have a ready supply of your business cards to exchange

6. Have paper and/or pencil available so you can write notes on the cards you receive.

7. If you are attending a meeting, take an active role in the meeting.


1. Organize the business cards you receive

2. Plan your week (phone calls, meetings, letters/brochures to send) – don’t procrastinate getting in touch with the people you just met - this will help them remember you

3. Call each person you receive a card from and thank them for their card, ask them questions about things you discussed, and suggest ways in which you can help them and they can help you with leads.

4. Follow up – you worked hard for your leads – make it worth your while.

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