Getting the Most From Your ABG Membership

Use this checklist to assist you at your first few meetings. Thereafter, refer to it frequently. We suggest that you check it over weekly during your first 3 months of membership. After that, a monthly refresher is advised.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Promotional Introduction

During Your 30-Second Promotional Introduction:

  • think about what you're going to say ahead of time
  • take advantage of the time you're given – use all 30 seconds
  • ask other members how you can better promote your business
  • tell other members where they can get leads for you and what cues to listen for
  • spotlight a different aspect of your business each week
  • give an estimation of the cost of your service/product
  • update your promotional introduction regularly to increase its effectiveness

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Presentation

During Your 10-Minute Presentation:

  • clearly describe what your business does/provides
  • tell why you're good at what you do
  • tell why members should refer people to you instead of your competitors
  • teach members how to advertise for you
  • distribute handouts, discounts and specials
  • give inside information to help other members
  • ask members what they learned from your talk
  • leave time at the end for questions from members

Maximizing the Benefits of Other's Promotional Introduction

During Their 30-Second Promotional Introduction:

  • listen intently for what kind of leads they need
  • understand what it is they are selling/promoting
  • think about who you know that you can give as a lead
  • think about the contacts you have and how you can approach them to benefit the member

Maximizing the Benefits of Other's Presentation

During Their 10-Minute Presentation:

  • make sure you understand what their business is
  • ask where to find leads for them
  • ask why they are good at what they do
  • ask why you should refer people to them instead of one of their competitors
  • ask how to effectively advertise for them

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