Generating Quality Business Leads

A lead is the name of a potential customer who may require services/products that are sold by a group member. Providing a lead is not a promise of business or a commitment on the part of the potential customer. It is simply providing an opportunity for a group member to provide a service or product to someone who might be in need of it.


Methods for Giving Leads (listed in priority order):

  • 1. providing a personal introduction and referral
  • 2. placing a phone call and giving a referral
  • 3. giving the name of a person or business to the member
  • 4. communicating to the member an observation you made about a potential need

How to Originate Leads

From people we know such as:

  • Work
  • Relatives
  • Business associates
  • Friends
  • Church
  • Professionals

From observations we make:

  • New business opening
  • What other businesses are doing

From information we possess or read or about:

  • Newspaper event listings
  • Problems that cause a need for products or service
  • New business opening

From suggestions or ideas we share with people:

  • New ways/methods of selling a service or product

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