Computer and Electronics Consulting & Web Design - Will Get I.T. Done Inc.

Carma Clark
3 Church Cir. #279
Annapolis, MD 21401
c: 443-336-0491

Will Get I.T. Done helps you get along with your tech gadgets. From cameras to computers, personal home network or small business. We also offer budget video recording and editing and audio mixing board operation.

Will Get I.T. Done provides end-users and small businesses with a personalized I.T. department without the staffing costs or headaches. Our services are for anyone who finds themselves pulling out their hair over their technology. Our skills include Mac and Windows, including running Windows in a Window on Mac, which is called Virtualization, and we can virtualize most any existing computer to make upgrading your old hardware to today’s technology seamless. Please don’t hesitate – ask for more information. We provide data recovery from crashed computers, virus removal, home and office networking. We also provide web design and web project management. For example, developing a web site can quickly become a project of its own and weather you use us for the actual design it can help to have an advocate to help you navigate the waters so to speak, to protect your domain and your investment. We develop a depth of understanding with our clients as your IT department and help you from the project scoping and proposal evaluation process to understanding developed property rights issues. Will Get I.T. Done began by a referral in 2001 and one of our first clients coined our name. We were founded by William Small, an Annapolis native and avid sailor and father, and have grown to include Carma Clark and associate Mathias Gotzmann.