You could become a member!

As a member of the Annapolis Business Group you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • > Experiencing financially rewarding results
  • > receiving referrals from other group members
  • > focusing on business and personal growth
  • > increasing your business' exposure (including a page on this site)
  • > staying current on business issues
  • > receiving feedback from other group members

We meet on a weekly basis each Thursday at 7:30 am. The official meeting begins at 7:45 am and ends promptly at 8:45 am. We currently meet at the Boatyard Bar & Grill in Eastport.

Our success is built upon the success and commitment of our members. In order to ensure the integrity of our membership and our mission, we have established the following eligibility requirements:

Criteria for membership:

Industry exclusivity is provided (only one member is allowed per industry/profession) to eliminate the possibility of overlap or mixed loyalties. Members have the opportunity to register any objection to prospective members or any infringing activities of existing members to the officers for assessment. Total membership cannot exceed 30 individuals.

Criteria for continued membership:

  • > individual attendance at meetings (no more than 3 consecutive, unexcused absences)
  • > building personal relationships with other members
  • > reliance upon other members to assist one another in improving their business

Initiation Fee: $350 (non-refundable) due upon acceptance

Quarterly Dues: $100 (payable on first meeting of each quarter)


Attendance is required at all meetings, unless the member has marked the book indicating their expected absence or contacted another group member to report their unexpected absence. Members with three (3) consecutive unexcused absences may be dropped from membership with no refund of initiation fee or dues.


Members may bring guests as prospective members if they meet the basic eligibility requirements and do not overlap or conflict with another member's industry or business field.

Guests are typically invited to two consecutive meetings before they may be considered for membership. Following their second visit, the group will vote on their membership. If accepted, the initiation fee and quarterly dues must be paid in full prior to attendance at the next meeting.


Group members may resign if they are no longer able to participate in group meetings or have another conflict. They may reapply for membership at a later date and will be considered and voted on for membership if another member of the same industry has not joined during their absence.


To express interest in membership, contact any member directly or complete our application form (PDF). While we only encourage serious inquiries, there is no obligation to join unless you determine that membership would benefit your business.

icon Application Form (PDF).